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Since 1992

Thank you for your interest and participation
Volunteers still are always needed!
Please Contact
Krista Langa (845)868-2201
PO Box 1240, Millbrook, NY 12545

Email: info@heartsandhandstogether.org

With a short Friendship Form(see sample) We are very excited that you are interested in participating in our grassroots project!

How many times in life we touch people’s lives in a very significant way – and don’t even realize it.There is no way of knowing the countless number of young (and old) people you may inspire, influence, or motivate to “make a difference” in today’s world – or how many seeds you may plant. If only one becomes fruitful, what a great job you have done!

The following is a sample form. DO NOT COMPLETE or send it. Please contact us for assistance or procedure. Click to view a full size copy.